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Cannot find Screen Mirror option on Smart Things App

(Topic created on: 4/18/21 4:33 AM)
Qled and Frame

I have a Google Pixel 3 phone and a Samsung The Frame TV (2020 Model). I have tried to follow all online instructions for screen mirroring. However, I am not able to locate a Screen Mirror / Smart View option anywhere in the Smart Things app. The TV does not show up on the Cast menu on my phone either. 

I am able to connect to the TV for the remote control and also via Bluetooth. They are on the same Network and I have triple checked all the steps in the Samsung FAQ. I am able to connect to the TV from my Windows 10 PC and also able to Cast from the Netflix and Youtube built in apps. 

Does anybody have any pointers for me? I hope this is not some arbitrary block put on by these manufacturers so that I can only screen mirror if I had a Samsung phone or a Chromecast. 

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