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Complimentary Artworks/Favorites Disappearing

(Topic created: 07-22-2021 06:36 AM)
Qled and Frame

I have a 65 inch 2021 Samsung Frame for 3 months.  I started with 23 Artworks in the Complimentary Curations, 5 were in my favorites.  My Frame now shows 14 in the Complimentary section.  My 5 favorites (one is the Klimt, on the Frame 65 inch Box packaging) that I used consistently are gone from my Favorites, Complimentary Curation sections, and the  Artist section.  Can I get these back?  I can find them on the Smart Things App (which has to be constantly reinstalled to work) but they will not save to my favorites on the Frame, nor will they show up in Recents if I load them on to the Frame.   Now I am left with the 14 that I will never use.  If there is a way for me to move those over?  If not Will Samsung load more Complimentary Art to replace the ones that were taken off?  I called CS and they could not give me an answer.  

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Qled and Frame

samsung please provide an answer regarding this. i have the same problem.