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Damaged TV … Samsung doesn’t care

(Topic created: 08-22-2021 02:46 PM)
Qled and Frame

I purchased a Samsung frame 55” tv when it was on sale at the end of June. It was a gift for my wife for our anniversary. We purchased the TV in June but wasn’t able to install it till today but of the house work we we’re working on in the room where it was going. The work included months of demo, repairs, electrical work, cabinet installation.

During this time I kept the TV box safe and unopened and away from any of the work being done. The box did have some damage when it was delivered; however with inches of styrofoam around it, you would think it would be safe. I figured opening the tv and trying to take it out when you are unable to hang it for weeks, that would be the riskier option. 

We went to install the tv today and found out it was cracked in half down the middle. Tried reaching out to Samsung to get it replaced…. They didn’t care one bit. So much for top tier surface. I had friends who wanted to see how the frame looked in our house before buying one, well not only will they not be able to, I will also never buy nor recommend Samsung again. 

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