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Qled and Frame

The entire side edges of my QLED TV is separated from the backlit part of the frame and looks like it could fall off at any moment. I bought this TV new in 2017. I just called them for help and I was told all they would do is "call in a repair" for me (because the 1 year warranty expired in 2018), but I would have to "shoulder the cost". Imagine this!
They would call a tv repairman for me?  Gee, thanks! No parts, no labor, nothing; basically "get lost". I have only ever purchased Samsung tv’s and currently have 4 Samsung TVs, from 45"- 82”. Apparently customer loyalty and retention means NOTHING to them. I will not be replacing this TV with another Samsung when the screen cracks or falls off the rest of the way. I will NEVER BUY SAMSUNG again knowing what I know now, and I will warn everyone I know to do the same.

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