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Dissapointed with Samsung Q70R

I purchased my first big TV, an Q70R on January 22, 2020 and selected Samsung based on their reputation for quality large screen TVs.  I noticed vertical pixels on my new TV on March 26, 2020.   I contacted Samsung and generated a service ticket. I was unable to  complete this service due to Covid-19. Approximately one month later, I begnnoticing horizontal pixels. On June 27, 2020 I generated a second service ticket  and a certified samsung field engineer was dispatched to my house. At that time the serviceman determined that I had caused physical damage during installation to tv and voided the warranty. The tv went from the box directly onto the wall and was only removed for the serviceman. I spent the next two weeks pleading with Samsung and talking to various support people, including supervisors and developing an escalation ticket.  Nothing could be done!


I have spoke to many people who install Samsung big screen TVs, and no one has ever heard of anyone physically damaging a tv during installation.   


I am very disapointed and frustrated with Samsung, this was my first big TV purchased. I waited a long time to finally purchase one and now I have a defected TV and Samsung doesnt care. 


I will never buy another Samsung product again and I will never recommend a friend or family to ever buy this product again.