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Dissatisfied Loyal Customer

I purchased a 65" QLED FRAME TV directly from in late June of 2019. In October of 2020, I began to experience horizontal lines and discoloration on the bottom 1/8 of the TV. I called customer support to try and trouble shoot and resolve the picture issue. This did not resolve the issue. I was informed during this call that my warranty expired on July 31st of 2020 - less than 3 months out of warranty. After pleading with the customer service agent - she granted me a "one-time" accommodation for parts and labor coverage. I was informed that another agent would contact me within 24 hours to schedule a repair technician appointment. Upon receiving that call I was informed that there were no authorized technicians within my area. I was provided two options at this time - transport an unsecured 65" TV 60 miles away to the closest authorized repair center or find a local non-authorized center, have them repair it and then file a claim for reimbursement. The closest non-authorized repair center is 40 miles away and that was Best Buy Geek Squad. When I called to make an appointment - Best Buy informed me that they do not accept in-store repairs on TVs larger than 40". In order for a technician to come to my residence - I needed to subscribe to their "Total Tech Support" for $199.00 - which I did. Three weeks later I was able to get them out to my place of residence to determine that the LCD panel is defective, and this SKU is no longer available from Samsung. After obtaining the workorder from Best Buy stating the part to fix the TV is no longer available - I made several attempts (and many hours) trying to get someone from Samsung Support to guide the next steps. I finally was turned over to Case Management, where again - I had to follow up multiple times to receive a resolution, to be told I am out of warrantee again and the best they can offer is 70% refund towards a new TV. Less than three months out of warrantee for a company which stands by their quality. I have been a loyal customer of Samsung. I purchased this TV along with a soundbar directly from Samsung. I would have expected an overall better customer experience and resolution.