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FRAME 2021 55 and Sonos ARC

(Topic created: 06-07-2021 08:37 AM)
Qled and Frame

Cant get audio to work over eArc port. Sound works for a while but not consistent. I tried using  3 different ARC and eARC specific HDMI cables. All have the same issues. The TV and the Sonos ARC are both on the latest updates.

By inconsistently working  I mean:

* Sound may be working - sonos app says Dolby Atmos while watching a Bluray, switch TV to Amazon Prime app - sound cuts off.

* Sound may be working - watching cabel tv vai set top box -go to Apps like netflix or Prime - sound cuts out

*Sound may be working - all apps, bluray, cable works for hours then stops working,


When the sound stops working -I have to reboot the sonos ARC and TV and mess with the TV settings -eArc on and off for like 10 minutes to get it working again. Very frustrating - been dealing with this for 3 months now. I'm about to give both Sonos ARC and this frame tv one star and bad reviews. Terrible comparability issues for the premium price i paid for both products. 

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Qled and Frame
Hate to say it but it may be one of the ARC ports has begun to go out. If you've tried multiple different cables and still get the same result that's not good. Or maybe the amp on the Sonos has begun to go out. Try just using the TV speakers for a bit and see if they ever stop working.