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Feature Request: Digital Output Audio Delay - Need config per source

(Topic created on: 11/28/20 8:07 AM)
Qled and Frame



I would like to submit a feature request.


Settings > All Settings > Sound > Expert Settings > Digitial Output Audio Delay


Requesting ability to set a unique value for use in game mode.


I use my QN55Q90TAFXZA as a monitor on PC, but I also use it watch Netflix and Prime Video via the TV's builtin apps. (as this is the only way to get a 4k stream)


I have a soundbar connected to the TV.


The problem is that the 100ms delay is perfect for watching movies (when all the extra screen processing needs the audio delay to keep things in sync) but is NOT perfect when gaming.


I would like to be able to configure the audio delay for 0ms for game mode ONLY.


Currently, this setting is universal. Please allow us to configure unique audio options for game mode.



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