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Firmware 2014.1 bugs on 65" Q95T QLED television

(Topic created: 06-20-2021 08:15 PM)
Qled and Frame

I installed the new 2014.1 firmware on my 65” Q95T QLED television about a week ago.

Since then I’ve encountered a bug in Game Mode, subpar Local Dimming performance when watching HDR movies on the Apple TV 4K and an SDR Local Dimming bug. 

Game Mode bug
While using my PlayStation 5 at 60 Hz with HDR enabled (HGiG engaged), there seems to be a surge in brightness/contrast when opening a menu or entering a different environment. This surge in brightness/contrast lasts for one or two seconds before returning to what appears to be the intended picture - I presume that this is some sort of dynamic tone mapping bug. 
Thankfully, this bug is resolved by simply engaging and then immediately disabling Game Motion Plus. However, this has to be done every time I start up a game. Could Samsung engineers please look into this? Game Mode is nearly perfect thanks to the great Game Mode Local Dimming improvements that Samsung implemented in firmware 2014.1!

Standard/Movie Mode (HDR) subpar Local Dimming performance
There seems to be significantly more blooming when watching HDR movies using Standard and Movie Modes. Bright objects, such as flames and lights bloom far more on 2014.1 than they did on the previous firmware (1462.1). There is also far more light bleed into letterbox bars.
Interestingly, this bug can be somewhat mitigated in my case by changing the Apple TV 4K settings to always output at 4K HDR at 60 Hz. However, if I have the Apple TV 4K set to dynamically match frame rate there is a large amount of blooming. Again, this was not at all the case on the previous firmware and is a bug that was introduced with firmware 2014.1. If I had to guess it is a refresh rate bug that affects Local Dimming performance.
There is also more blooming when watching 4K HDR YouTube videos using the built-in YouTube app on the Q95T.

Standard (SDR) Local Dimming bug
When viewing a dark screen (eg. white text on a black background) the TV dims the image to hide blooming, which works quite well! However, the dimming persists when the scene changes and it takes one to two seconds before the ‘proper’ brightness returns i.e the dimming takes too long to resolve.
This occurs when Local Dimming is set to Standard when watching SDR content. The Apple TV 4K preview of the movie ‘Dunkirk’ clearly demonstrates this bug.

I would very much appreciate it if a Samsung technician could look into these issues and get back to me. I’m more than willing to supply whatever additional information is necessary and I’m happy to liaise with Samsung engineers/customer service representatives further on these matters.

Thank you.

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Qled and Frame

 2014.1 indeed local dimming is fluctuating(like pulsing) ,when watching 4K hdr as wel sdr on apple tv. That was not the issue before this update. Indeed same issues on the apple tv app in smarthub

Just bought mine 55Q80T a few days ago, but I am considering to send it back.

I am not amused at all with this firmware update and have to wait months before Samsung perhaps will address this new introduced local dimming bug on a new bought TV

Qled and Frame

On my Q95T 55'' after the 2014 update, the local dimming with GMP DISABLED has improved a lot, which is how I play because with GMP ENABLED it looks horrible. Because before updating with GMP DISABLED local dimming was completely disabled.