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Frame TV Auto Curation feature coming to previous Frame models?

I was reading about the new 2020 The Frame TV, and noticed a feature in Art Mode 3.0 called Auto Curation. It is described: Like your own personal art agent, The Frame learns your style & taste and recommends art that fits your individual aesthetic.


I own a 2018 Frame TV, and subscribe to the €4.99/month Art Store subscription. I like the selection of artwork, but find that browsing the galleries is calm and elegant, but that makes it feel soooo slow. I feel like I get a little bit sick of seeing the same artwork over and over, but can't be bothered going through the entire library because the interface is so cumbersome. This Auto Curation feature sounds like a fantastic solution!


My TV has the latest update, and I have looked in my Art Store menus, but can't find any way to access this Auto Curation feature. I can't imagine that Samsung would limit this feature to just the new models, as it is a way to retain monthly Art Store subscriptions. 


Does anyone have any insights as to if this is a forthcoming update, if I am just looking in the wrong place, or if I am out of luck? I would love to get more out of my Art Store subscription.


Thanks! -Jamie