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HDMI-CEC turns on receiver improperly

I have a 2019 QLED 70 series television.  We bought it about a year ago and it's been great.  However, in the last week, the television will decide to turn on our surround sound receiver.  We do use the surround sound system for movies and sporting events, but just use the television speakers for normal broadcasts.


With the receiver turned off, I can select the TV speakers as the preferred sound source and it will work for a few minutes.  Then, though, the television will decide that we need the full surround sound and turn the reciever on and change to that source.  This can be while we're changing channels or adjusting the volume or when we are doing nothing at all.  I know I can disable HDMI-CEC, but we DO actually want the functionality to work...when we want it to. 


Has anyone run into this issue and found  a solution?


Re: HDMI-CEC turns on receiver improperly

Absolutely agree! The preferred sound source menu setting should stick until you change it. Many of us don't want our 300watt 5.1 home theater AVR firing up every time we watch the news or a sitcom. 


Also, this choice is made frequently enough that there should be a button on the remote to set the sound source.


But in the least the menu selection should stick!