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How do I take a screen capture, screenshot or screen grab on my 2021 TV?

(Topic created on: 5/17/21 6:29 PM)
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Id like to take a screenshot with my new qn85a TV. Based on a web search, previous TV models had a "tools" button on the remote to access a menu to turn this feature on.


My 2021 TV remote does not have this button. I've looked through settings on the TV but not found it or any other way to activate screencapture.

This website says that I may find it in the SmartThings app. But I've not found that option.


Other websites suggest pressing the power and down-volume buttons simultaneously but that just turns the TV off.

So I just want to know how I can take a screenshot with my 2-week old, 2021 model, $5,000 , 85" Samsung QN85A QLED TV.

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