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How to load custom Images onto Samsung Frame WITHOUT the absolutely terrible SmartThings App?

The SmartThings App is absolutely terrible. I'm on the latest iOS on an iPhone XS and whenever I try to connect to my Samsung Frame (2017) it immediately crashes. I got this frame only for the purpose of displaying my own wallpapers - and without being able to upload my own wallpapers to it it's completely useless to me.

I contacted the Samsung Telephone Support and after they wasted HOURS of my time they told me that this is a problem of Apple and I should contact Apple about it.

Well - NO! If your App doesn't work as intended that is definitely not an Apple problem, it's yours SAMSUNG! The appstore reviews are full about other users with this problem (this is not a new problem. Last time I tried this was half a year ago and nothing changed since!).

The support also told me that there is no way other than using the app to get custom images onto the frame - but because they are so incredibly incompetent I don't actually believe them and want to ask here:


Is there any way other than using the App to get custom images onto the Samsung Frame? (whether that is by using SSH, by connecting external drives or using the integrated browser - doesn't matter - just ANYTHING that actually works)

Thank you!