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Missing audio with a Chromecast and a Bluetooth speaker paired with The Frame TV

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Recently I bought a new bluetooth speaker which is big/loud enough that it's an upgrade over my tv's (Samsung's The Frame 43", 2018 version) built-in speaker. I paired it to the TV and it works as expected for live broadcasts.

I have a Google Chromecast Ultra (2016) plugged into the TV which I stream/mirror content to from my Android phone. With the TV's built-in speakers set as the audio output everything works as expected.

The issue I'm seeing is that when I stream or mirror content to the Chromecast and the TV is paired to the bluetooth speaker, there's no sound. 


1. If I switch the TV's input from the Chromecast to live tv, suddenly there's sound over the bluetooth speaker.

2. If I switch the TV's input to the Chromecast and change the speaker to the built-in speaker, suddenly I can hear the audio streamed from my Android phone.


It's a really weird problem. It seems like the Chromecast is getting audio since I can hear it if I switch to the TV's built-in speakers, and it seems like the bluetooth speaker pairing is working since I hear audio through them for live tv. I don't know what the issue could be, do you have any ideas?




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