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New Frame TV replaced by supplier and still not working.

(Topic created: 04-28-2021 10:50 AM)
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My Tv had been installed and working correctly for a week. It is the 55 inch Samsung the frame Tv with once connect box.  After just over a week the hdmi signal cut out and I have never got it back.  The cables had been installed in the wall the day we bought the tv.  

The TV has now been replaced with the once connect box but not the cable As that remained in the wall.  The new tv and one connect box also do not work.  This leads me to believe there is a fault with the cable.  This issue with this that I have redecorated the wall the cable is in. The cable was installed extremely well and was not damaged on installation.  But surely it must be the cable that has broken down? This issue has been complained about before by many people.  Troubleshooting has not helped and every method of testing has not helped.  I am reluctant for an engineer to repair the tv because it’s brand new.  And when they replaced the tv curry’s took the new cable out of the box so I cannot test this method.  I think Samsung should send me a new cable and compensate me for repairing the wall?

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