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New Samsung Q70T TV won't display VobSubs

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 12:30 PM)
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My new Samsung Q70T TV will not display VobSubs.  I have two older Samsung TVs (6300 & 6500 series) that do display VobSubs.  That’s the reason I bought another Samsung when one of the older ones developed a flaw.


I build all my MKV videos the same way, Video+Audio+VobSub+SRT.  I add the SRT as a way of preserving the original text.  All the VobSubs are created with SubtitleEdit.  I build all my MKVs with an old version of MKVMergeGUI (v7.7.0).  I have used V49 but it did not make any difference.  When I go into ‘Options’ on the video and select ‘Subtitles’ it shows that there are two subtitles present, VobSub being the default since it’s first.


Now the confusing part.  On a few (two actually) of the videos only the first subtitle line displays in VobSub format.  After that nothing.  I then have to select the SRT subs.  I have gone through the TV options to see if something need to set but nothing jumps out.


I have searched the WEB looking for answers but have yet found nothing.  I don’t know if I’ll find an answer but I know there is a lot of hidden knowledge in these forums so I thought I would throw this out there and perhaps get an insight to a possible solution.

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