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No "pass through" on optical out on my QE55Q77TAT

I got the problem that when i connect my pc on

to my QE77Q55TAThdmi4 to my QE55Q77TAT, then i can not enable pass through, i can only select either pcm or atmos if i enable it.

No matter what i do, "pass through" option on my QE77Q55TAT is just grayed  out, not working, so i can not click on it.


I badly needs this to get full sound like dolby digital 5.1 and DTS  to my home cinema set up that just has optical toslink input that comes from tv.

I did this on my older SONY, so if i can not get this to work they get the TV back as it was a buying rule for me buying this tv and the seller said it worked fine.

Any ideas as to what is wrong with this tv or with me for thaT MATTER ;-)

Many thanks in advance to whom ever that is able to help me solve this optical toslink pass through problem

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: No "pass through" on optical out on my QE55Q77TAT

Regrettably, support for non-US models is quite limited. We would recommend reaching out to support in your region: