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One Connect Box BN96-46950K

(Topic created: 07-01-2021 01:02 PM)
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My Samsung 65" inch TV is less than 24 months old. As widely reported, the One Connect Box started "clicking"...usually 3 or 4 clicks, then the Samsung QLED and black screen comes on. The Box will NOT connect to the LAN; but, manages a wireless connection to my Router after about 10 seconds. I'm expecting that to soon fail, giving me the SAMSUNG Black Screen of Death for this expensive, high-end TV.

The issue:  Despite the enormous number of Failures with this One Connect system, SAMSUNG would NOT replace the Box.  The One Connect device TV's are useless without a functioning One Connect Box.

Two:  SAMSUNG said they would replace the Box...then, Cancelled my Order.  SAMSUNG said to Order a new box from SAMSUNG Parts.

Three:  SAMSUNG Parts ordered a new One Connect Box...then, Cancelled the Order stating that SAMSUNG is no longer making this Part # and SAMSUNG has no One Connect Boxes in stock!!!

I have 3 SAMSUNG TVs (Left Sony for Samsung).  JUST (days ago) spent $4K for a Neo QLED Q90A 85" TV. A plethora of SAMSUNG NOTE 9, 10's, and 20's and SAMSUNG Laptops. I have LOTS of experience with SAMSUNG products. Until now...all positive.

DO NOT Buy New SAMSUNG TV's...at least with a One Connect Box. SAMSUNG's reputation for reliability and customer service has disappeared with their current service levels from this example. Absent a resolution from SAMSUNG, I will not consider SAMSUNG for electronics in the future.

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