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One Connect Video issue

So after 2 hours and multiple calls, the end result is the same as my refrigerator freezer...Were sorry but you're on your own.


My issue is simple. The QLED tv won't display a picture without having to wait for the One Connect box to warm up for at least 5 minutes. Imagine a salesman trying to sell you a tv and he says to you, "Yeah, it works great! Just turn it on and come back after 5 minutes, unplug it, and plug it back in to start watching tv." Would you buy it?!?


My warranty is expired, kudos to them for the thought because they told me they would allow a warranty exception. But, after determining that there is no service department in range of our location, they were unable to replace the faulty box. So, we are now on our own to purchase the one connect box at a few hundred bucks.


Here's where I caution future Samsung QLED customers; You aren't buying a television, you're buying this control box as well so if IT doesn't work, your tv is a big [edit] paperweight!