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Poor Customer Service

I ordered the (2020) 50" The Frame Customizable Bezel - Black Model Number: VG-SCFT50BL/ZA at the same time that I ordered the television for a price of $149 with a discount of $90. The final price with the promo was $60. The television was delivered but the bezel was not. I contacted FedEx and they provided me with a lost item case number. I contacted your company and they are refunding me the $60 but I will need to buy another bezel when you have them back in stock for $149 which is $90 more due to my package discount. I was told by your representative that I will need to contact Samsung and they will then refund the additional cost and tax. I was also told that I will receive an email with these details but the email did not contain these details. I responded to the email as instructed but did not get a response. The bottom line is that I bought the TV and bezel as package with a discount and I just want a replacement for the item that was lost between Samsung and FedEx and not have to pay more for something that I already purchased. This process has been frustrating and again, I just want a replacement for the order that was lost. This is a poor example of customer service.  I will be complaining to the BBB and the State of Connecticut.