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Problem with One Connect box or cable

(Topic created on: 4/12/21 11:42 AM)
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OneConnect box model: SOC1000MA

One Connect cable: BN39-02301A

For a few months now when the TV is turned on there is no pic on the screen. Sound is fine and see a blue glow in the screen. Keeping the TV on like that for 30 min, then turning it off and back on again fixed the issue and the tv ran fine until turned off again.

From yesterday, this trick has not been working. While troubleshooting, noticed that if I unplugged the One Connect cable, the tv screen starts showing the "plug cable properly" diagram. So clearly this is not a tv display issue, but a One Connect box/cable issue. Before I replace them, wanted to know if there was a way to figure out which one of the two is not working so that I don't replace the one I don't have to. Also, what are the list of One Connect cable/box models that are compatible with my TV. Do I have to get an optical cable or any One Connect cable is ok?

Also, I bought the TV in Aug 2017 so I am guessing the manufacturer warranty has expired?





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