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Q-symphony does not work on "QLED Q80T TV + Q60T soundbar"

I am opening another thread in the hope that Samsung will act on this and finally fix the problem. 


I just bought a Q80T 50" TV 2020 model and a Q60T sound bar.  My choice was precipitated by the Samsung website that says explicitly that these two models (TV and soundbar) work together and support Q-symphony.  I also looked at the online manuals for this QLED TV model and this soundbar. They, too, say that Q-Symphony is supported, so I bought both.  


Only to find out that despite all claims to the contrary (by Samsung's own material no less) Q-symphony does NOT work on the "Q80T 50" TV 2020 + Q60T sound bar" combination.  


While I suspect that a future firmware will fix this, it would have been nice if Samsung shipped their TVs with the capability that they claim their TVs provide.