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Q-symphony not working on The Frame 2021

(Topic created: 06-11-2021 09:02 PM)
Qled and Frame
I purchased a brand new Class the Frame TV, 43", directly from Samsung; model number QN43LS03T. In addition to that, I purchased a Samsung Soundbar Q700A. Both show Q-symphony Compatibility.

My problem resides in the fact that an option for TV+ [AV] Soundbar Q700A [HDMI] audio output does not appear. Nor does TV+[AV] Soundbar Q700A [Optical].

Both options for Q-symphony I tried.

I don't use an external device because I'm satisfied with just Netflix and Hulu etc. So, I tried connecting the soundbar with eARC/ARC to ARC and that didn't work. Then I tried putting the ARC to a random HDMI on the one connect; that didn't work. Then optical to optical; 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 didn't work.

The only thing I can seem to accomplish as far as TV+AV goes is through wifi (i.e. TV+ [AV] Soundbar Q700A (WiFi)). But, A. My wifi is not sufficient to stream like that B. I'm pretty certain some of the quality is lost that way and C. WiFi is not listed as one of the potential ways to initiate Q-symphony.

Anyone else have this problem or- hopefully- come across a way to fix it/ troubleshoot it?!
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