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Q50R Settings Menu Bug and Can't Factory Reset

(Topic created: 05-18-2021 11:34 PM)
Qled and Frame

Te Settings menu started failing today 2021 may 19.

For the main settings (left pane) UP and DOWN  keys work OK, but after entering any of the subsettings (right pane) then the DOWN key and the ENTER key don't work anymore, so one cannot activate them properly. The RIGHT key works on them and enters on the first subsetting, but afterwards the nex window or popup does not respond to any key.

It is not a physical remote control problem, because the same thing happens using the Smart Things app as a remote. I have more than 1 Samsung TV, and have tried with another TV's remote, and same thing happens.

The directional keys and ENTER work fine in the APPS and also on the quick setting icons, there you can go left, right and activate with ENTER, but the main Settings menu became impossible to use.

I got to the Factory Reset dialog through Bixby, then I entered the PIN which is still the default 0000 but when the popup asking Yes or No to reset, the ENTER key does not work (just like on the main Settings), so I can't factory reset the TV either.

Is there any way to hard reset without going through the menus? Was this caused by a firmware update?

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