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Q6 Refuses Handshake

(Topic created: 08-23-2021 06:03 PM)
Qled and Frame

Best recollection is this is a 2019 purchase. I was already a Q7 owner and liked it so much I bought the Q6 model for another smaller room in the house with the goal of playing both at the same time using an iMac or cable box through a switch (although started with a AVR; essentially a switch). Purchases Made with 6 months of each other.

I will spare the long saga of trials and tribulations with Q6 EDID handshakes over the last year and attempt to explain in as few words as possible.

Please know I have performed every manner of problem resolution any tech could conceive with regards to what is published as "fixes". None have worked. Even the factory authorized tech I contacted today finished with "I got nothing for you". Also, connecting a cable box directly to the Q6 works flawlessly. Just don't shake my hand.

At wits end yesterday I started from the top, again, powering off, unplugging, switching cables, different power up connection sequences, software version check, you name it. Completely frustrated I pulled the TV back out that was in use before buying the Q6, an Element brand costing somewhere around $225. Powered off the switch and set dip switches to 1080 (highest res for the Element) plugged all HDMI connections to the switch, (Q7,Q6,Element) powered on and the only handshake that failed was the Q6. The Q7 has never had an issue in this regard or any other for that matter.

There is a problem that likely can be fixed but the issue will probably die with me, a user trying to do what 1 in a million may attempt. I feel cheated, clearly frustrated, and know the only resolution is laying out hard earned dollars unnecessarily for a replacement. I see many other buyers struggling with external devices and Samsung so I choose elsewhere. 

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