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Q6D Keeps turning On and Off repeatedly on it own!

I bought a refurbished 75-inch QLED 6D from microcenter and right after the 90-day warranty the TV has crapped out on me. We were watching YouTube when suddenly the TV just started to turn on and off on its own. Tried all the basic troubleshooting from unplugging and re-plugging, trying a different plug, hard restart with remote, unplugged all HDMI’s and even tried a different power cord. When I took the back panel off to see if the capacitors had gone bad (i am not good at this stuff) but I do not believe they have. So instead I started unplugging the logical and power board to see where the problem is, and I narrowed it down to one of the "LVSD" strips (I’m not sure if this is the correct name) is the issue I believe. When I unplug that strip and try and run the tv it turns on and works but I get no picture. It was still progress because before it was not turning on and no picture. Should I replace this strip, or should I take it to a technician? Do you think it could be a power issue? Should I call the microcenter that sold this to me?