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Q70A and eARC/sound issues

(Topic created: 05-30-2021 10:36 AM)
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Just bought Q70A 65" tv pairing it with Yamaha RX-A2 using A2V 24gb HDMI cables through HDMI3 on the TV. eARC is on and in auto. Through the first 2 weeks, sound was excellent and immediate, no delay. Now it takes an exorbitant amount of time for sound to come on. Turn the tv off and back on, sound disappears and doesn't come on for several minutes. If I do change the setting to PCM the sound is still delayed but nowhere near as long. I have cold booted the TV, updates are in auto. This delay is on any app including Samsung TV, Amazon Prime, Tubi, Sirius, what have you. It is also on any device connected (sony Bluray or Raspberry Pi or cable box) Even the sounds the tv makes when going between the selections in the Home screen are silent. Now if I change the sound output to the TV speakers, sound is immediate upon the tv coming on, so I know it is the eARC function. A home theater buddy who just installed an 8K QLED said the eARC function on it does not work at all. What is the issue with the eARC and the QLED tvs that everyone seems to be having, from delays like myself to outright not working? Is there an update in the wings? 

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