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Q800T - Continuation after exchange. Judder issue

I exchanged my first TV which was purchased roughly a week ago and had a horrible screen. I'm pleased to say, so far I haven't noticed the same issue as the original TV. This picture is much better, still has a slight clouding but I also haven't tested the picture on a color test. 


Jumping to current issue, which is a big one for me. What's almost worse than a bad screen is a good screen with judder or brief motion freezing/semi choppy movements. Now before Samsung says the TV has setting for motion, I had the settings on and it was horrible. I've turned the setting off and it's horrible and I've even lowered the motion to 5 and turned judder down to 1. It seems like any setting I use it's still bad. I also had the intelligence turned on and it's bad. 


This is supposed to be one of the 3 top TV's made in 2020, why is there still an issue with this. It's been an issue with Samsung Tv's for years. What's the point of having an 8K TV with bad motion. Does anyone have a fix. Samsung are you going to push an update to fix this. If the solution is return to the retailer for an exchange I'm going get a refund an leave Samsung for good. All I want is a good picture with smooth motion. Is $5,000 not enough to get that?