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Q90T 85" periodic black screen

I purchased a new 85" Q90T TV about a month ago (mid July), and the screen periodically turns black.

When I first turned it on, the screen remained very very very dim (basically black) for about 10 minutes (but audio was working) before suddenly turning bright. After that, it didn't really turn black for a while, but the past two weeks, it has started to turn black (or very very very dim) periodically in the middle of operation.

I checked the HDMI cables which are all new and they look fine. 

Additionally, the screen will turn black even when I'm just using the TV by itself and not using any connected device.

My software is all up to date, so I'm not sure what's going on.


To fix it, I have had to do a combination of turning the TV off and on several times, doing a soft reset by holding the power button and letting it restart (I still can't actually see if the TV has restarted so I have to go based on sound), and just waiting it out until suddenly the screen decides to turn back on again.


Has anyone else had this issue? Very disappointing for a brand new model. 



Spoke with Samsung support today and they were unable to identify the problem, so they are sending out a technician. 

We tried a factory reset, ensured that none of the eco mode options were on, ran a self diagnosis through device care, and the TV still turned black during the support call. It seems to be turning black more and more often as we use it. Now at night it will stay black for an hour or more and I have no idea how to get the screen to turn back on again. It seems to be completely random. 

Gotta wait a whole week before a technician can come look at the TV but hopefully they'll be able to identify the problem and fix it. Online searches seem to indicate it might be a bad inverter board, but Samsung says they haven't received any complaints about this device so far. Maybe I just have a faulty one... :/


First repair team came and looked but the TV screen wasn't acting up when they were here so they left and told me to send video evidence of the issue, which I did after they left. After I did that, it took almost another week to get them to schedule an appointment for another 10 days after (today, Sep 12).

Anyways, the second repair team came and said that it looked like a defective main board which probably messed up something in the panel, too. They brought a replacement panel and main board, but it looks like the faulty main board also had already fried the LED board so the TV still wasn't working properly. They'll have to order a new LED board and come back to replace that, as well as the back cover. Seems like it would have been better and faster for Samsung to just send a new TV since essentially the only thing that's the same from the original TV is the speakers. They're basically just building a new TV at this point, paying the technicians to come out and do this when they could be fixing other TVs, and we are having to wait a long time in between each visit. It's mid September now, and we basically havent had a properly working TV since early August, which is ridiculous. And I believe it costs Samsung more to do all this than to just ship us a new TV.

On another note, the team was very professional, knowledgeable, and respectful of our home. I appreciated the two of them.