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Q90T - Color space detection completely broken and GAME MODE detection not working for SDR with PS5

(Topic created: 07-09-2021 04:50 PM)
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Auto function for color space on Q90T is completely broken. 

Instead of automatically detecting the incoming signal and matching it's color space the TV is always using the color space which is picked in CUSTOM setting of this feature.

If you have chosen DCI-P3, AUTO will exactly output DCI-P3.

If you have chosen BT.2020, AUTO will exactly output BT.2020.

You can check very easily:

Use a BT.2020 signal and switch the different settings of the TV. When having chosen Custom BT.2020, NATIVE and AUTO will look identical. CORRECT behavior as it's widest gamut the TV can display.

Keep the BT.2020 signal, but now change to Custom DCI-P3. You'll see that only NATIVE will look and match identical to BT.2020 settings.  AUTO will stick to DCI-P3 instead and hence oversaturate as not matching the wider color space anymore.


Please fix this asap!

Was hoping that with last great update 2016.1 from June which fixed local dimming issues also this would be addressed finally, but was disappointed again.

Issues present on US 2016.1 and European 2014.1


Another issue in combination with PS5.

When PS5 HDR mode is set to AUTO and a non-HDR signal is sent by the console the TV is not detecting Game Mode properly and switches to normal SDR mode with movie settings instead of GAME MODE SDR settings when TV's GAME MODE is set to AUTO. Only when it's an HDR signal it's working properly. This can be fixed by enabling GAME MODE by default, but it's not the expected and correct behavior or solution.



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Qled and Frame

I am also seeing the color gamut issue on my 2020 US Q80T, Q7DT and my 2019 Q60R.  The color gamut setting when viewing HDR content is greyed out, yet it impacts the picture setting.  "Auto" color space should be either automatically selecting the correct color gamut (i.e. BT.2020 when the source is BT.2020 and DCI P3 when the source is DCI P3) or the color gamut option should not be disabled since it impacts the color space.  Currently, the color gamut option (BT.2020 or DCI P3) can be changed when modifying the Custom color space and then what is selected sticks for Auto/Native color space.  Since most UHD blu-ray content is wrapped in a BT.2020 wrapper, the correct behavior would be for Auto to flip to BT.2020 for most sources. Either way the user should not need to modify custom color space to get the correct color gamut for Auto/Native color space.

As for the second issue, I am also seeing SDR games not trigger game mode automatically with my PS5 on my Q80T.  Auto game mode works properly with my Nintendo switch, so this issue seems isolated to PS5. Finally, if the PS5 shuts down while auto game mode is enabled and then i switch sources, game mode will remain enabled when i switch to another source that also has auto game mode enabled despite the fact that the signal on the source I am switching to is not coming from a video game system.  In order to avoid this bug, I need to switch sources quickly before the TV loses signal on the input I am switching away from.