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Q90T Hulu Local Dimming Issue

(Topic created: 05-22-2021 09:23 AM)
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I have talked to Samsung on the phone about the following issue and they were not helpful, so I decided to post here.

Current software version is 1462.

My issue is that at unexpected times while streamimg Hulu on Samsung’s built-in Hulu app, the screen suddenly dims. All intelligent auto-dimming features are disabled. I prefer local dimming set to High to make the screen appear brighter, so the change is noticeable when the bug occurs, which is every watching session. I’m using Movie mode. It does not seem to occur in the Netflix app.

I’ve seen other forum posts about local dimming becoming dimmer at 6 minutes intervals while in Game mode, but I never enter Game mode.

I bought this 65” Q90T in November 2020 and used a 4k Firestick with eARC through a Samsung HW-Q800T soundbar until February 2021, during which time I was having frequent audio problems but no dimming issues. It’s now May 22, 2021 and since removing the Firestick and only using Samsung’s built-in streaming apps, I have had no audio issues but do have this local dimming issue with the screen. Again, seems to only occur in Hulu and not Netflix. 

I’m beyond the returns window and frustrated that I bought 
the highest end model Samsung sells and have had so many problems and Samsung support hasn’t been helpful. They even said I should call Hulu…

Performing a factory reset made no difference. The TV is updated according to the TV’s user interface, but it appears there is an update for the TV on Samsung’s website. However, when I try to install that update using a USB stick, I am unable to get an update to install. (I’m in the USA and the update is for the UK, maybe that’s the problem?) The link to that update is below this paragraph, although Samsung support told me that all updates should be done through the TV and NOT through a USB stick through their website, which conflicts with a popup message on the TV that says an available update may be available at Samsung.com when I click “Update Now” on the TV, so I don’t know what to think. If an update is available, why wouldn’t it just get pushed to the TV???


Anyone out there with similar issues?

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