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Q90T Picture issues

I have a 65" Q90T with picture stuttering issues.  With LED Clear Motion turned off, and trying many different Motion Blur and Judder settings, there is no way to prevent the the picture from stuttering a few seconds, then correcting itself.


For example, while watching NFL Football via YouTube TV, I skip forward 15 seconds, and the picture stutters for 1-3 seconds, then clears up.  Same thing on the NHL app.  If I turn all Clarity settings off, then the picture just isn't smooth enough for sports.  Works fine in Movie mode for movies and regular TV shows, but there is now way to watch sports without aggrevation.


How can a 14 year old Vizio blow this out of the water in picture quality??  I know this is a common issue that should have been resolved by now as it's been almost a year since this TV has been released.  I have a feeling that Samsung is letting the 2020 TV's simply go by the wayside and starting over with 2021 releases.  All of us have paid too much for this TV to have this problem continue.


Re: Q90T Picture issues

I agree samsung should be more accountable for there products and with i item of this price there should also be a 3 year product warranty with them