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Q90T dimming zone defect (possibly after 1403 update)

Hello everyone,

First time poster here. I purchased a Q90T on black friday from amazon. Initially I was very impressed with the picture quality, especially HDR. However I ran into a strange issue after a few hours. I was sure I had kept auto update off, but it seems to have udpated me to 1403 anyways, maybe when I was setting up disney+ and hulu.

Anyways, there appears to be a problem with the backlight now, or one of the dimming zones. It basically stays fully lit during dark scenes. Even when I turn the tv off, the light stays on in that area. I've attached images that show what happens when power saver is on. most of the screen will dim, but that on area stays lit up. In games, it seems like one area of the screen is trying to keep up with the rest to match the correct color. I have seen mention of a local dimming bug, but nothing quite like this. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or if this is a problem introduced with 1403(which can hopefully be patched). I really dread having to reassemble another heavy tv.

Thanks in advance for any help and insight.




Re: Q90T dimming zone defect (possibly after 1403 update)

Is this TV working for anyone?? Man ive ever owned such an expensive peice of tech with so many issues.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Q90T dimming zone defect (possibly after 1403 update)

No doubt!  What a mess and while I understand HDM 2.1 has some kinks that need to be worked out this model has actual hardware panel issues too.  And to top it off Samsung won't achknowledge any of this or inform their customers on any plans to address these HDMI 2.1 and eARC issues that are running wild in the customer base.