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Q90T switches to tv speakers when powering on

(Topic created: 06-16-2021 06:05 PM)
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My recently purchased Q90T keeps defaulting to tv speakers when I power it on. It started a few days after purchasing it (I've had it less than 2 weeks). The HDMI cable is plugged into the eArc and going into a Marantz SR8012 receiver's Arc HDMI. Anynet is on (tried turning it off) and I can only assume an automatic update changed something with how the eArc communicates with the receiver. The odd thing is, it shows up when I go to choose the audio output... But if I turn the TV off then back on again, it reverts to the tv speakers.

Its a pain having to go through the process of changing it every single time we turn the TV on.

Possibly related, I had trouble the same time getting wifi to connect but worked after doing a reset. I'm also getting a pop up saying to go into the service menu and set don't and color (something like that).

Ay help would be greatly appreciated.


- Trey

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