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QLED TV - LED Cracked Just By Carrying

I purchased my 49" QLED TV, Model No.:  QN49Q60RAFXZA, 17 days ago, set it up, and enjoyed a beautiful picture for a number of days.  Yesterday, I carried it carefully to another room and mounted it on a swing arm.  When I turned the TV on, the LED was cracked on the left side, with both vertical and horizontal lines in the corner and across the screen.  The TV was only handled by the frame.


I contacted both Best Buy (where purchased) and Samsung, both responding that the crack as "customer damage" not covered by warranty and not returnable/exhangable.  I'm still waiting for Samsung's Service/Repair Group to contact me, but have already been told that cost of all repairs would be on me and that replacing the LED/LCD screen would likely cost as much as the TV itself.


I've owned dozens of LED/LCD TVs, monitors, and laptop computers, of varying sizes, all of which have been moved multiple times, yet none of which have ever cracked or failed in such a manner.  I followed all of the handling instructions and warnings when moving this 49" TV, yet it still cracked.  I can't believe that Samsung would produce such a fragile product, especially a premium product, and not be willing or able to replace it.  My 2008 Panasonic Plasma TV has been moved at least 20 times since purchased and still has a flawless picture and screen that rivals the 49" QLED screen from Samsung.


How many of you have had similar issues handling your QLED TVs resulting in cracks in the LED/LCD screen?  We are far from alone, and Samsung should stand behind their products much more solidly that what I'm experiencing now.