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QN900A vertical bars when using VRR and Atmos audio dropouts with Xbox Series X via eARC

(Topic created: 06-01-2021 10:33 PM)
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I have an 85" QN900A and have found two annoying issues with it. When using a VRR capable device (Xbox Series X or an Nvidia RTX 3080) each day when I turn the TV on there are vertical bars on the screen that correspond to the backlight dimming zones. After manually disabling and then re-enabling VRR the bars disappear until the next time I power cycle the TV, at which point I have to do the process again.

Also, when using the Xbox Series X Dolby Atmos is unusable when passing through the TV via eARC. At least once every 15 - 60 seconds the audio will cut out entirely for approximately 3 seconds. This does not happen when outputting any other audio format from the Xbox and this is not an issue with any other Atmos capable device connected to the TV.

This is a $9000 display, and I've already exchanged one of these TV's before I realized it's a bug and I didn't just get a defective set originally.

Can anyone inform me of an efficient way to submit a trouble ticket or a bug report? I'm not especially keen on calling customer support just to be asked if I have power cycled the set. I can demonstrate the issue on demand and in a perfect world I'd like to see this escalated so it can be addressed in the next firmware update.

Thanks in advance!

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