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QN90A + HT - sound adjustments

(Topic created: 06-23-2021 10:57 AM)
Qled and Frame

I'm not sure if I should post this here or in the HT section, but there's more traffic here and I think this is probably the better spot.

Just got a QN90A yesterday (replaced a 10-year-old HD Samsung LCD of some kind), and it went through the smart setup with attached devices. We are basically using the TV as a hub - all external devices INTO it, and then digital out to the HT system, which is older but works great. It's also a Samsung: HT-E5500W/ZA

Problem is, while the setup did manage to get to where the fancy Solar Cell remote that came with the TV could turn the HT on & off during setup itself, I can't see:

  • How to do that during normal (non-setup) use
  • How to change sound settings on the HT unit
  • That the volume up/down buttons on the TV remote actually change the volume on the HT unit

In order to change the volume and turn the HT on and off during actual normal use, I had to continue using the older remote. I was hoping to consolidate remotes by now. How much can I control an older Samsung Home Theater sound system with this new remote?

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