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Re: QLED Periodic Black Screen

I also have this same issue TV is 3 days old and intermittantly flicks to black screen. The TV is a Q8 55" coneted via the BOX connection.

Did anybody get  resolution on this before i return the TV?


Re: QLED Periodic Black Screen

I have new Q90R65”. I have a Yamaha home theatre system TSR-7850, U-Verse cable box(Motorola version), and a PS3 for DVD play. Native apps and PS3 look great and run without hiccups, the cable box is problematic. No matter what settings cables or tweaks I use, every minute or three, I get a flash to black screen that lasts about a half second, or the sound cuts out for about a half second, but not simultaneously.

This has frustrated me for a week. I’ve read EVERY single post on the issue, which seems to be a common complaint. Nothing resolved it. 

Today I tried connecting the pathetic U-verse box to the Yamaha, instead of to the One Connect Box. NO MORE DROPS. I think the issue is in the  HDCP software. The TV doesn’t get a consistent handshake and cuts out, then re-connects, taking about a half second, during which the picture drops. The Yamaha seems to be better at keeping permission. I suspect this because I feed a tv off the co-axial output from the U-verse box. When I turn off the equipment feeding my Samsung TV, the picture stops going to the second tv(not the sound), and I get a message the the H1014 HDCP IS NON COMPLIANT! And I need to change connection method. A whole new behavior from my previous 11 y.o. Setup.


i hope this gives the hundreds of suffering Samsung customers a new avenue of exploration. Good luck.