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Remote interference with another Samsung TV

I just purchased a TV Q60R QLED TV (QN43Q60RAFXZXA) with the TM-1950a remote for my bedroom. I also have an older OLED Smart TV from 2017 in my living room on the same floor. However, it seems like the remote works for both TVs intermittently. Sometimes the buttons don't work at all for the Q60R tv except for the power button. Is there a way to fix this? Closing the door of the room does not help. Taking the battery out and putting it back in will allow me to control the TV for several seconds before it stops being responsive again.


I can use the SmartThings app to control the TV but the app is nowhere as good as the physical remote.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Remote interference with another Samsung TV

Are you using the original remote that came with the Q60R TV? If you are, have you also tried repairing it to the TV? What is the current software/firmware on the TV?

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