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Remote red light blinking and not working

Purchased QLED Q60 series tv less than a year ago, remote stopped working and red light is blinking.  Changed batteries, Tried pairing it from tips on previous threads but still broken. Please help! 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Remote red light blinking and not working

Just to confirm, there's a red light blinking on the remote or the One Connect Box is blinking red light? If you press the power button on the TV does it turn on? Is the unit plugged into a surge protector? Surge protectors may eventually wear out and stop providing the necessary voltage for your TV. If you're using one, make sure that you rule this out before you set up service for a flashing standby light.


Try plugging the unit directly into the wall outlet. Also, power cycle the unit for about 5 mins and then try to turn the unit on with the remote. If that does not do the trick service is required. 


Here are some service options:


- If your unit was recently purchased, you can check with your retailer on their return/exchange processes.

- If you have an extended warranty you can reach out to them to have service set up.

- If you're within the one year warranty, you can private message one of our moderators with your full model and serial number to have service set up.

- You can use the following link below to request service or contact our phone support line at 1-800-Samsung to have service set up for you:

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