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Retro Gaming/Locked Picture Settings

 I currently own a Q8FN and have a device called the OSSC which is used for retro video games.  Essentially the device can take 240p/480i/480p signals and can double the resolution, making the picture sharper.


The device works great, however there is one minor issue I keep running into.  With 480p content I have 2 options.  First, I can put the OSSC in pass through mode which passes the 480p signal through the device into the TV.  This is done with component cables, specifically the Wii and Original Xbox, and outputs HDMI.  In pass through mode the Samsung itself handles all the processing.  The image quality looks good.


However, the OSSC is also capable of line doubling 480p into 960p.  The TV can handle this signal and there is noticable improvement in picture quality.  However, the issue I am running into is with 480p I am able to adjust all the picture settings, specifcally Color and Auto Contrast.  However, when the TV reads 960p the TV locks out several of the picture settings including color and auto contracts.  I am really just left with Contrast, Brightness, Sharpness.  The picture quality of the 960p signal looks great, however the color is very washed out because I can't edit the color. 


I thought I would start here then move onto more niche forums if needed, but does anyone else have issues with picture settings being locked out on any devices?  I am not sure if matters or not, but the device is being read by the tv as a PC.  It makes no sense to me why the TV would lock out picture settings on any resolution.   I should also note that I use this device in Game Mode which works great on everything else.  It doesnt matter if I take it out of game mode for 960p content, the settings are locked regardless.


Can anyone offer insight?  Or a way to allow all settings to be adjusted?  It doesnt make sense to me why the TV would lock anyone out of some picture settings.