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Samsung Customer Service Is Horrendous

Purachased 65 Inch Q90T from Samsung website. Arrived 5/15. Today is 6/15. Been dealing with Samsung Customer Support every weekday since arrival.


Have an issue with screen where there are three fist size "smudges" on the glass - similar to where a clear plastic phone case presses up against the phone - looks like its wet.


Samsung sent a technician out twice who confirmed and was advised it needs to be repaired - there is certainly an issue. Samsung states they do not have the parts so they will need me to return, wait 3-4 weeks for credit to Samsung finance account, ad then I can purchase again - with the usual 2 week shipping time. This puts me without a TV for approximately 6 weeks, forgetting the fact that trying to return via carrier a 65 inch TV is not exactly easy and fun to do.....


Then Samsung states they will excahnge it and I am told they do not have the TV in stock - never mind the fact that I can purchase on their website and it shows it would ship in two days. I told them this is cceptable - I can wait until you have the TV in stock. They say call back on Mondays to check inventory.


Everytime I call back I provide the ticket number. I inevitably have to explain the entire situation again, and I am usually pushed to the sales team who says I can only return the product (they do not do exchanges). I go on to advise them what I was told by the "Exchange Team" or the "Executive Customer Service Team" that I was told to call back each Monday to check on inventory for an exchange.


I am told they do not exchange, only returns. 


Each time I call, its a differrent answer - even after I confirm with the rep that we will exchange and I will call them on mondays, reference the ticket and they can reivew and check the inventory. Once in stock they will start the exchange process. I have heard answers like "oh thats not how we do things" and "I do not see those notes" - how would I know the process or to check inventory on Mondays if someoen did not tell me?


Bottom line, I pray you don't end up with a defective unit purchased drectly from Samsung. You will need more than patience than you can possibly imagine and most likely will not get an exchange if there is no inventory - even if you are like me and are willing to wait.


I am willing to wait for the exchnage or wait until they get parts to correct but Samsung insists that I return the unit, wait 3-4 weeks for the credit, purchase the unit again and wait 2 weeks for shipping. 


Oh the other alternative was to buy one right now, then ship the old one back and wait for the credit. I simply don't have $2500 to float Samsung for their trouble of selling me a broken unit in the first place.


Buy be warned.

Cosmic Ray

Re: Samsung Customer Service Is Horrendous

I'm afraid I can't be of any help, but I feel your pain.  I've been dealing with issues relating to Q-Symphony not working for the entire 3 weeks I've owned my new TV and soundbar.  I had a similar experience with having to re-explain the problem to each of the many Samsung "Pros" I talked to, each who had never even heard of Q-symphony and took over 30 minutes just to understand the issue after pointing them to the exact instructions in the user manuals.  Ultimately, they said they exhausted all troubleshooting options and all that was left to do was mail the soundbar to a repair depot for diagnostics.  I reluctantly mailed it in, and got the notification from the repair depot today that they found no problem with it, so I'm back to square 1 and don't even know what to do at this point.  Incredibly frustrated...


Here's a link to my posts if you're curious:


Good luck to you...