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Samsung Frame 55 Inch TV Remote Control Issue

All me to give some context.  My entire home is controlled with one Control4 EA-5 and two Control4 EA-1 controllers.  I have Five Samsung Frame TV's in different locations.  The Connection from the centralized equipment room each TV are CAT6 cables which includes controling the TV.  There is a Samsung Firmware issue that is commonly known that is cutting off the communication from the Control4 controllers and the Samsung TV.  Samsung seems to beworking on a software fix as we speak.


On to my issue, during the intial setup of the Frame TV when new, the Samsung Remote Control worked GREAT.  All the setup was done while sitting in a chair 10 feet away.  Last week, the TV lost connection again with the ability to turn on/off, and volume with the Control4 System.  What this means is I have to do a factory reset.  This forces me to then reinstall the Frame TV like it was new.  This time, neither my Iphone SmartApp or the Samsung Remote would work.  I was extremely confused and frustrated.  


By trial and error, I found out that to get the system to connect with the Samsung Remote, I had to hold it one inch from the center bottom of the screen.  This remote is a Blue Tooth remote.  It should have worked from anywhere in the room.  After the set up was completed, the Samsung Remote still needs to be one inch from the bottom to do volume, on/off or access screen art.  Now this is not really an issue because that and all my Samsung TV are controlled by the Control4 system.  It is an inconvienence though.  


Does anyone have a fix for this issue.  Happy to give you any other information you might need. Thank you.