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Samsung Oled Q95T 4k 120 hz Not working

Hello i buyed this tv 2 months ago witch is Q95t model it was advertised and sold to me as a 4k 120 hz tv wich was the only reason i made the purchase i was intending to used with my 4k gaming pc with has a nvdia rtx 3080 i conected the tv from hmdi 4 port witch suports hdmi 2.1 to my gpus 2.1 out with a hdmi 2.1 cable but in pc settings it can only see 4k 60 hz insted 120 hz it can do 1080 p 120 hz but nothing higer . itested the pc on my friends lg cx model witch he buyed for same price witch suports 120 hz on 4k and works flawlesy on that tv i feel like i am scamed out of my money how can we fix this please help ???