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Samsung Q70R TV turns on and off by itself - No Picture - Hue on TV when on - One connect Discon



I have a QN55Q7FAMFXZA that is a year and a half old.  The TV turns on and off by itself, you see a light Hue on the TV when on.  When the One Connect is disconnected, I waited 30 seconds and turned the TV back on.  The TV does not turn on and off by itself, it goes on and off with the control but nothing in the screen.  The Samsung online Technician told me that when the One Connect is disconnected there should be an error or flow chart on the screen.  There is nothing on the screen.  I cannot get into the setting to change anything.

I paid a Samsung Technician to come out and diagnose the problem and he said it was the Main Board. So, I bought a Main Board, put it in and still the same problem.

Does anyone know what the problem could be?  Very fustrated with Samsung.


Thank you.