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Samsung Q70R issues with Dolby 5.1

Hi all, I am hoping someone can help as I've tried everything I can think of to resolve my audio issues. They seemed to appear after the TV updated itself to the latest firmware a couple of months ago, but I can't say for sure on the exact timing.


Here's my setup:

TV: QN65Q7DRAFXZA (firmware 1351)

Soundbar: HW-M435/ZA (connected via HDMI-ARC)

Cable: Comcast Xfinity XG1v4 (connected via HDMI)

Other: AppleTV 4 (connected via HDMI)


We first noticed the audio problems when trying to stream a movie using the Disney+ app on the TV. The audio would cut out for about 3 seconds and then return. It did this repeatedly and randomly, but it happened VERY often. The audio would cut out anywhere from 2 to 5 times every minute. Here's what we tried:


- Power cycled all equipment (unplugged from power, waited 15 seconds, plugged back in)

- Checked everything for latest firmware

- Reset sound on TV

- Firmware reset on TV and soundbar

- Removed and re-installed Disney+ app on TV

- Tried all combinations of expert sound settings (Digital Output PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Atmos On/Off)

- Unhooked soundbar from TV and just used TV speakers


I assumed this was a soundbar issue and was really surprised that even removing the soundbar I still had the issue. Nothing I did improved the situation - audio would still cut out when streaming anything on Disney+. I also found the issue happened with Netflix running on the TV. 


I then tried running the Disney+ app on the AppleTV and it was able to work, but I had to configure the TV to PCM digital audio and the AppleTV for stereo. 


Finally, I started having audio issues with the TV and my Xfinity cable service. The configuration that had been working since I got it in late November now doesn't work. I had previousy had the Xfinity box set to Auto - Dolby Digital 5.1 and the TV was set to Dolby Digital (and I think Atmos on but now can't remember). Now the only way for audio to work is to set the TV to PCM and Xfinity to Stereo. Again, it doesn't matter if I do TV speakers or soundbar.


Any ideas what the heck is going on here? I'm debating about seeing if I can take this back to Costco as they are pretty good about returns.


Re: Samsung Q70R issues with Dolby 5.1

We got our TV at Costco, too, a few months back.  A few days ago, I noticed the sound was different while watching Netflix.  The audio sounded like it was all coming out of some kind of canister (cans on a string, maybe ...?), I connected up a small Bluetooth speaker that I know has great sound and it had the same problem.  I opened the audio & captioning settings within Netflix app on my Samsung Q7D TV and it was auto-set to Dolby 5.1.  I changed it back to original Dolby and the sound is perfect again.  Every time we pause, rewind, FF, open a new show within the Netflix app, the audio switches back to Dolby-English 5.1.  Every time I manually change it back to regular Dolby-English, the sound is perfect again.  For some reason, it defaults to Dolby 5.1 and I haven't been able to find a way to adjust this setting to auto-select.


I am 99% certain this is an issue with the newest Samsung firmware update.  If you are able to switch the audio within the Netflix app, see if that temporarily fixes the issue until either Samsung or Netflix puts out a fix for their most recent bug.  I do not have any issues with audio when watching through Dish receiver or Amazon Prime Video, haven't tried using Hulu or Disney+ yet if it is the app itself or coding between different audio settings that distorts the sound.


I did a different search in the Samsung forum with "Samsung Netflix audio" and quite a few people are complaining of issues between their Samsung tv and various audio bars or AVRs that appeared recently after Samsung rolled out a new update.


Since this TV has great sound already, we don't want or need any external audio devices.  If Samsung or Netflix don't repair the problem, this TV will become an expensive screensaver display or will be returned to Costco.