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Samsung TV switches itself on and off - Samsung 65" QLED Q60 Series 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV QN65Q60

I bought Samsung 65" QLED Q60 Series 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart TV QN65Q60RAFXZA 2019 in December last year. Last week the TV started acting up by turning itself on and off every 5 seconds (you can't troubleshoot). I tried unplugging the TV from the wall and waiting for 5 minutes and tried all other suggestions that Samsung has and nothing has worked. You can't check the software for updates either because it literally goes on and off. I called Samsung who created a ticket for the TV to be fixed of which I was excited about knowing my TV will get fixed (Ticket #415-543-6937). The servicing company that the ticket was assigned to is HSN (Home Service Network in PA Huntingdon Valley) which I was not thrilled with due to the level of customer service I received as I was put on hold on average for about 20-30 minutes only to be routed to voicemail. When I finally got through to a person, they told me they will come fix the TV on Monday between 12pm and 6pm. With my family and work, I had to make arrangements to make sure one of us is available. Monday came, I did not get a call from this servicing company. I called the company (HSN) and left a voicemail and did not get a reply so then I contacted Samsung. Samsung informed me that they have already opened another ticket (Ticket #415-552-6816) to process an exchange for my product without me knowing. The reason they opened another ticket is the fact that the part to fix the TV is on the backlog and and as such decided to process an exchange. Hold on, how did they know what is wrong with the TV if the servicing company did not come to my house. Additionally, no one from the servicing company called me to tell me the details and that this is a known issue hence the decision to process an exchange. Anyways I said fine and followed up with Samsung again, they said it will take 2 to 3 days to process the exchange order. I followed up on the third day as asked, they then told me they have processed a refund. The level of frustration is beyond me, again no one called me to explain to me what was happening and the decision to process a refund. After inquiring with Samsung case management, they then told me that the TV model or comparable model is no longer in inventory hence the decision to process a refund. I am still without a TV, waiting to get more information on the refund. They told me they will call me in 24 hours. Currently still waiting. I had to share this as I am very disappointed and for you to check before buying this TV that this issue has been fixed.


Re: Samsung TV switches itself on and off - Samsung 65" QLED Q60 Series 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart T

try turning the tv on without the black box if tv is not turning off then ask them to replace your black box that will be much faster