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Samsung can you fix the Earc/passthrough issue for lpcm on the 2020 Qleds?

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Hi there,


Just wondering if you are planning to fix the issue that currently exists on all the 2020 models regarding pcm and audio pass through.


There are many posts and threads about this but the TVs don't seem to work with 5.1 or 7.1 surround/multi channel lpcm when using Earc/passthrough to a soundbar or home cinema system. Instead the tv always downgrades the audio to PCM stereo but this shouldn't happen with pass through.


This is causing issues and problems for your users when using external devices such as blu ray players, Nintendo switch and xboxs/ps5s connected to the TV. I don't think the switch can even change audio formats so you are unable to get surround. 


Others correct me if I'm missing anything here


Could you please look at this issue and fix it via firmware? As there seems to be an issue with Earc/pass through




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my updater in my system is blacked, meaning no firmware updates in the future. try developer mode ? hmm..
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You need to exit your inbuilt apps for updater to allow. It won't let you if apps are running. Exit Netflix etc and it will work. There should be more updates


Let's try not to dilute this thread, I'm looking for an answer from Samsung regarding this :)

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Samsung can you respond? This is affecting all of your 2020 Qleds and has plenty of threads and discussions around it

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Here's the chat log from a conversation I had with a Samsung rep back in December. Basically, they aren't promising anything.



Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:02:52 PM)
Hello! I'm Samsung's Virtual Assistant.

User (12-26-2020 01:03:21 PM)
Help me with my product or repair request
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:03:22 PM)
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User (12-26-2020 01:03:27 PM)
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:03:28 PM)
Now type your question or select a button that explains the issue.
User (12-26-2020 01:04:01 PM)
Customer service representative
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:04:02 PM)
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User (12-26-2020 01:04:06 PM)
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:04:07 PM)
If you have any additional questions or concerns I can connect you to someone who can help. Would you like to chat with a person?
User (12-26-2020 01:04:10 PM)
Chat with a person
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:04:11 PM)
I will be connecting you to a Samsung expert who can help. Samsung experts are a group of our most knowledgeable users.
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:04:11 PM)
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User (12-26-2020 01:04:25 PM)
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:04:26 PM)
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User (12-26-2020 01:04:36 PM)
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:05:48 PM)
I will be connecting you to a Samsung Care Pro who can help.

User (12-26-2020 01:06:16 PM)
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:07:49 PM)
Which Samsung device are you referring to?
User (12-26-2020 01:08:03 PM)
The Q80T television
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:08:28 PM)
What is the issue with the TV?
User (12-26-2020 01:08:57 PM)
It does not passthrough uncompressed 5.1 audio through eARC
User (12-26-2020 01:10:15 PM)
From my understanding, it should. Is this a known issue? Or is it a limitation?
User (12-26-2020 01:11:06 PM)
I'm trying to passthrough LPCM audio from my PlayStation 5 to my soundbar
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:11:09 PM)
What is the device connected to the TV?
User (12-26-2020 01:11:43 PM)
So PS5 to TV to the Q70T sound bar
User (12-26-2020 01:12:15 PM)
However it comes out of the TV as PCM 2.0 instead of 5.1
User (12-26-2020 01:14:00 PM)
Even if passthrough is selected in the audio settings of the television
User (12-26-2020 01:14:30 PM)
User (12-26-2020 01:14:44 PM)
According to this, it should be able to do it
User (12-26-2020 01:15:05 PM)
Granted, this is support from the levant and not the U.S.
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:15:06 PM)
I'm on it.
User (12-26-2020 01:15:15 PM)
Awesome, thank you!
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:15:20 PM)
Yes, it is.
User (12-26-2020 01:16:13 PM)
Australia and other countries have the same support page. Is it only supported in those countries' models?
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:16:23 PM)
Yes, they're.
User (12-26-2020 01:17:20 PM)
Can the U.S. models be updated by firmware to support LPCM passthrough? Or is it a permanent limitation?
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:20:42 PM)
Did you try changing the audio output on the TV?
User (12-26-2020 01:22:19 PM)
Well there's 2 passthrough options, auto and PCM. Neither change the problem.
User (12-26-2020 01:23:06 PM)
I've changed the audio output for the PS5 to dolby digital, and I get 5.1 at that point, but it has an extreme audio delay due to processing
User (12-26-2020 01:23:33 PM)
And obviously, that's no longer compressed
User (12-26-2020 01:23:49 PM)
Or excuse me, no longer uncompressed I mean
User (12-26-2020 01:24:22 PM)
If you're asking if I've tried it through the tv speakers at not the soundbar, that answer is not
User (12-26-2020 01:24:32 PM)
And not*
User (12-26-2020 01:24:59 PM)
However, my soundbar is rated to receive LPCM 5.1
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:25:07 PM)
Okay, to which port is the soundbar connected to the TV?
User (12-26-2020 01:25:28 PM)
Hdmi port 3, the eARC port
User (12-26-2020 01:26:09 PM)
The PS5 is connected to HDMi port 4
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:27:09 PM)
Okay, please connect the soundbar to the HDMI ARC port on the TV and the PS5 to the soundbar.
User (12-26-2020 01:29:01 PM)
I've done this, and I can get LPCM 5.1 to work in this case, but it comes with significant drawbacks. I cannot use game mode(low latency mode) and I cannot use the full capability of my television because HDMI port 3 is only HDMI 2.0b
User (12-26-2020 01:30:01 PM)
Basically I'd be giving up variable refresh rate, 4k at 120hz and add an extra 100ms of video delay
User (12-26-2020 01:31:06 PM)
So therein lies my dillema
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:31:18 PM)
Yes, only HDMI 3 would work.
User (12-26-2020 01:32:17 PM)
Fair enough, but that still mean that the TV is not passing through LPCM, since it'd be going straight to the soundbar and not through eARC
User (12-26-2020 01:33:17 PM)
So ultimately, the question remains as to whether or not the U.S. versions of the Q80T television will ever be able to passthrough uncompressed audio?
User (12-26-2020 01:33:40 PM)
Because I want to be able to use all of the features
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:34:27 PM)
We do not have any information on future updates, but for now, we are not able to do that.
User (12-26-2020 01:36:02 PM)
OK, well that's disappointing but I appreciate you letting me know.
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:36:13 PM)
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:36:21 PM)
Thank you for your understanding.
User (12-26-2020 01:37:14 PM)
Well I understand, but I may return my television if I can't be sure it'll ever be fixed. I wish the engineers had a more definitive answer.
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:38:22 PM)
Yes, it might be compatible with the upcoming updates. However, I do not want to misguide you, that is the reason why I cannot give you a confirmation on this.
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:38:48 PM)
For now, the uncompressed audio 5.1 will only work with PCM.
User (12-26-2020 01:39:33 PM)
Yeah I see, unfortunately the PS5 only does LPCM
User (12-26-2020 01:40:04 PM)
And dolby digital has an audio delay due to compression processing it something
User (12-26-2020 01:40:14 PM)
Or something*
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:40:19 PM)
Okay, sorry for the inconvenience.
User (12-26-2020 01:40:36 PM)
Yeah alright. Well thanks for investigating.
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:40:52 PM)
Sure, is there anything else I can assist you with?
User (12-26-2020 01:41:02 PM)
No there isn't. Thank you.
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:41:19 PM)
Thanks for chatting with Samsung Support. It has been my pleasure assisting you today.
(Samsung Agent)(12-26-2020 01:41:25 PM)
Take care and bye!
User (12-26-2020 01:41:31 PM)
Chatbot (12-26-2020 01:42:30 PM)
We at Samsung Care are here for you 24/7.

If you need additional help, ask me anytime.

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So is this just for US models and other countries have it working or is it not there for all?

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I think it's not at all. I just can't find the same article on the U.S. website that claims it should have it.

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I highly suspect they are not releasing LPCM support until they have fixed the audio drop-out/skipping issue with TrueHD Atmos passthrough as described in my linked post.




If they activate support for LPCM, since its uncompressed, it will probably suffer from the same issues. While passthrough of TrueHD Atmos Uncompressed audio is a problem that affect a relativly small group of people who use Plex/Kodi/Emby, if they opened the floodgates of PS5 users the problem would escalate by a massive amount.


Right now most people who own a PS5 either is just using TV speakers and not noticing anything, or they get 2.0 PCM or Compressed 5.1 through the soundbar and are content with that.

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No.  Most people who shelled out the insane scalper prices for PS5 and the rather expensive Q80T/Q90T televisions ALSO use a standalone 5.1-capable device (either via eARC or via the TV's optical out) to try to get surround sound, and are then utterly frustrated by having to choose between horrendous audio lag (if using Dolby Digital) or no surround sound whatsoever.  Neither of those are an acceptable choice.  And it's not just PS5 owners who hit this; the same issue exists with Xbox Series X, any PC equipped with an Nvidia RTX30x0 series GPU, and even with Xbox One S (running in 4K VRR mode).


This is BASIC ADVERTISED FUNCTIONALITY which is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY BROKEN by Samsung's buggy firmware.  They should have fixed this and made sure it worked right before ever releasing these TVs in the first place.  As things currently stand, the product features and capabilities as stated by Samsung are simply FALSE ADVERTISING.  If they don't fix it pretty soon, I'd be happy to join onto a class-action lawsuit to force them to refund their customers.  Their lack of attention to this issue is nothing short of unethical.