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Samsung is screwing us all!!!

So this is my second post now and I'm going to keep going and post this all over the internet.  I have the infamous vertical and horizontal lines with a gray dead spot in the center of the tv above the Samsung logo.  There are many posts about this same exact issue So I know that it's known.  And below you can click the link to see.  I called samsung about this since I am still under warranty and they sent out a technician. He didn't speak English didn't say one work.  Just took his phone and zoomed in on a tiny scratch on the tv that I caused becIse they told me to take the tv off the wall for a technician it's heavy and I was alone my necklace scratched the surface.  I have picture evidence to show Samsung that the scratch occured after I phoned in the issues. And they won't cover it due to the scratch.  Then I call and get manager. He does nothing.   So I make one of these posts it's only then until someone reached out and again they send another technician out.  This one spoke English and I was smarter this time I recorded the whole thing. He told me that the scratch has absolutely nothing to do with the tv lines and that he's seen it before.  And he would try to relay this info to Samsung.  So he leaves and a week goes by I then follow up and get the same answer.  That the tech support team isn't covering it.  That's ridiculous not to cover a customer's screen because of a surface scratch. When clearly anyone with a brain can tell that it had nothing to do with the lines.   This company is a bunch of brainless people. No one is personable.  They are all compartmentalized and it's impossible to get one person to help you all the way through because what happened is the second time around there wasn't anyone helping that knew the situation and the tech guys just sent the info again with the scratch. The tech support team who didn't even know this was the second time around and the customer is flipping out just looked said oh a scratch next and stamped it with a do not cover.   I'm beyond angry here.   I want my tv fixed and I won't stop until it's done.