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Small dark objects trapped between screen and backlight?


So I bought this 55'' The Frame 2020 model over the holidays and just had a chance to set it up. I'd been using it for a week or so and noticed what I thought was a fly on the screen. Strangely enough, looking at it from closer, and realising that it wasn't moving, it looks like small foreign objects stuck between the panel and the backlight.
It's hard to describe, but I feel the photo speaks for itself. It almost looks like a crushed insect, and I'm not entirely sure how or if that's even possible unless that happened during the manufacturing process.


Any insight into solutions would be really appreciated. It's very visible with light backgrounds and one of those things that you can't unsee.

Cheers.Yeah, I knonw, the red circle is overkill, but you know...Yeah, I knonw, the red circle is overkill, but you know...